Efficiency in Software Engineering

I’m a German IT consultant. I help organizations get more efficient in Software Engineering. About 15 years ago I started doing this with training courses and coaching on UML, OOSE and RUP. Whilst RUP, the Rational Unified Process, had some things going for it, it wasn’t entirely satisfactory in other areas. So 10 years ago I turned to agile, or rather, I became agile as the phrase goes. Practicing it in several roles and gathering some certifications I consider useful such as SAFe SPC, SCRUM Master and HSE Accredited Partner, I became  a coach for agility and "agile at scale“ about 6 years ago. Ever since then I have been doing this for the British government and the automotive and financial industries in Britain and Germany. 

So in short I pratice and teach two things: 

- Agile approaches and techniques 

- Visual modeling (from domain vocabularies to software architecture models) 

Markus Wagner, in October 2014

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