SAFe and SAP

I'm currently leading the transition of a global SAP Programme from ASAP 7 to SAFe. Alas, although there are many ideas to share on this subject I have not yet found the time to write them down. I will say this though: SAFe, with all of the attention it gets, is far from providing a coherent framework from which to infer good answers to even the most pertinent questions. It really depends on the experience of your coaches, and especially on the ability of the agile champions in your organization to overcome resistance and to understand and solve true issues when adapting the SAFe framework. A not so small one is, how do you get Feature teams, a thing all agile people love, when your software architecture and the teams in charge of it are highly compartmentalized? I like to think I have come up with an answer. But again, this is just one of the issues facing you when starting such a transition.†

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